With the Blessing of Bishop Irenei of Richmond and Western Europe, the church of St John of Shanghai is located in the private back garden of 4 Ashfield Drive, Belfast, BT15 3FT from the beginning of November 2017.

To reach the wooden garden chapel you will have to walk down the driveway where you will see it. 

As you enter the cul-de-sac called Ashfield Drive from Glandore Avenue very near the Skegoneill Avenue mini roundabout, no.4 house is the second house on your left. It is easily identified by the big silver birch tree in the front garden. IMG_1722

Coming by car/other private transport:

Using google maps: It may be easiest to put your own address in the top left hand corner of the google maps page and get directions directly from google maps. The map is available when clicking here.

(NB: Unfortunately the map presently has a couple of inaccuracies: Glandore Avenue ends at the mini roundabout and the street East of this roundabout is called Skegoneill Ave. Also, because 4 Ashfield Drive when entered as the destination would direct you to no. 10 Ashfield Drive, I have instead set the marker on the correct location for 4 Ashfield Drive.) 

IMG_1723 On-street parking is usually available nearby.

To reach the wooden chapel you will have to walk down the driveway where you will see it. 

By Public Transport: 

By train/coach: buses and trains from different locations have their final stop at the Victoria bus depot.  Leaving Victoria bus/train station at the Glengall Street exit, turn right and walk down Glengall Street to the T-junction with Great Victoria Street. Turn Left and also cross Great Victoria Street and at the next junction take a right turn into Howard Street and then again the first on the left. This is Upper Queen Street. The bus stop is at the far end of it on the right hand side, near the corner to Wellington Place. Google maps says it is a 0.2 mile distance from the bus/train depot to the city bus stop in Upper Queen Street, which should take about 5 minutes to walk. (Click here for a map – Both Great Victoria Street and Howard Street are marked as A1 on this map.)


By Bus From Belfast City Centre: (Time table below). Take any number 1 bus from Upper Queen Street. They all depart from the same stop.  Get off at a stop on the Antrim Rd called Kansas Avenue.  The journey takes about 11 minutes. According to google maps this stop is 0.3 miles or a 5 min walk away from the church.

You get off the bus and walk a few steps back in the direction where you came from towards the crossroads, and then cross over the main street, the Antrim Rd. At the corner to Glandore Avenue you will find a Dr’s surgery at the corner on the left and a stone wall opposite it on the right. You walk along this avenue (Glandore Avenue) and the fifth street on the right is Ashfield Drive. (Click here for a map – 2 Ashfield Drive on the map is actually 4 Ashfield Drive, where the church is.)


Returning from Ashfield Drive: Walk to the end of Ashfield Drive and turn left. Walk up Glandore Avenue to the Antrim Rd. You do not need to cross the Antrim Rd as the bus stops into town are on this side of it. There are two bus stops near you here. If you turn right at the top of Glandore Avenue you find there is a stop which is slightly nearer than the one you find if turning left, but this latter one has a bus shelter and bench so some people prefer to use it. 

On 18/10/17 the times given below are accurate, but please feel free to double check the timetables for no.1 buses here. Please use this same link for checking timetables for city buses from other directions as well.

Tuesdays: 19:30: Akathist to St John the Forerunner and Baptist

Fridays: (Vespers are celebrated at 19:30 hours on those Fridays which precede a Saturday with a Divine Liturgy – about once a month) 

Saturdays: (Divine Liturgy is presently celebrated about 1x month on Saturdays only and starts about 10.00 for Confession/ Hours and 10:30 for the Liturgy.)

19:30: Akathist to the Theotokos

Sundays: Our Reader’s Services start at 10:30 and are followed by an Akathist to St John of Shanghai.  In the evening at 19:30 we also have an Akathist to Our Sweetest Lord Jesus

Departure Times From Upper Queen Street:  Travel time on the bus is about 11 minutes plus 6 or so minutes walking. This makes the journey from Upper Queen Street about 17 minutes.

Friday: 1d departing @ 19:07 (best choice)

Saturday: 1A : 9:10, 9:50, 10:20 (and for later departures… 10:50, 11:10, 11:40)

1C/D: 9:30 (best choice), 10:00, (and for later departures …10:30, 11:00, 11:32)

1E/J: 10:10 (and for later departures… 10:40, 11:25)

1F/G: too late. (starts at 11:17 and then goes every 1/2 hour)

Sunday:  bus 1c or 1d:  10:15 (best choice) (or later departures: 10:45, 11:30 …)


Back to the city (ending at Castle Court):

Friday: 1d: 20:12, 1e: 20:27, 1f: 20:40, 1a: 20:56, 1d: 21:10

Saturday: 1a/ 1b /1c / 1d/ 1e /1f / 1g / 1j : 12:01, 12:08, 12:16, 12:23, 12:31, 12:38, 12:46, 12:53, 13:01, 13:08, 13:16, 13:23, 13:31, 13:38, 13:46, 13:53, 14:01, 14:08, 14:16,  14:23, 14:31,  14:38,  14:53, 14:46, 15:01, 15:08, 15:16, 15:23, 15:31, 15:38, 15:46, 15:53, 16:01, 16:08, 16:16


Sunday: 1a/ 1c / 1d/ 1e/ 1j : 12:17, 12:37, 12:52, 13:07, 13:22, 13:37, 13:52, 14:07, 14:22, 14:37, 14:52, 15:07, 15:22, 15:30, 15:37, 15:52