Alphabetical List of Relics Available to the Parish

Placing of names

We also offer you an innovative and different service: You have the option of sending a name to us via email ( which can be placed with a relic of your choice for a chosen number of days. The following saints’ relics are available for this:


Abraham (Abramius) Archimandrite and Wonderworker of Smolensk
Ambrose of Milan, Dr. of the Church
Andrei Rublev, Iconographer
Andrew Bogolioubsky Grand Prince of Vladimir
Andrew, The First Called (2 relics)
Anne, Mother of the All Holy Theotokos
Anthony the Great (of the Desert)
Anthony of Kijev
Apollonia of Alexandria, Virgin & Martyr
Athanasius the Great, Doctor of the Church


Balthazar the Magi
Barbara Great Martyr
Barsanuphius of Tver
Basil the Great
Basil of Ryazan

Brendan the Navigator, one of the ‘Twelve Apostles of Ireland’


Caspar the Magi
Catherine of Alexandria Great Martyr (Ekatatina)
Columbanus of Bobbio
Cosmas the Unmercenary
Constantina, Empress
Christopher of Lycea (Great Martyr)
Cyril, abbot of the Kirillo-Belozersk (white lake) Monastery
Cyril of Turov


Damian the Unmercenary
Daniel of Moscow, Grand Prince, son of St Alexander Nevski
Demetrius of Thessalonika
Dimitri of Priluki, the monk and wonderworker


Ekatarina of Alexandria Great Martyr (Catherine)
Elizabeth, the Mother of St John the Forerunner and Baptist
Eusebia of Rome, otherwise Xenia
Eusebius of Rome, Martyr


George the Great Martyr
Gregory of Nyssa, Doctor of the Church


Helena The Empress, discoverer of the True Cross
Holy Column of the Flagellation
Holy Cross (3 relics)
Holy Innocents of Bethlehem
Holy Lance of Saint Longinus
Holy Manger of the Lord
Holy Nail
Holy Sceptre (Reed) of the Lord
Holy Sepulchre
Holy Shroud of the Lord (Turin)
Holy Titulus of the True Cross
Holy Tunic of the Lord
Honoratus, Archbishop of Arles (d.430)


Ignatius of Antioch, Doctor of the Church
Iraneus of Lyons, Doctor of the Church


James the Just (Brother of the Lord)
Joachim the father of the Theotokos
John the Forerunner otherwise called “the baptist”
John Chrysotom, Doctor of the Church
John of Damascus, Doctor of the Church
Joseph the Protector of the Lord (Belt)
Jude, called Thaddeus, brother of the Lord
Justin the Philosopher, otherwise called “the Martyr”


Lazarus of Bethany
Lucy of Syracuse, virgin martyr
Luke the Evangelist


Marcellus, Hieromartyr and bishop of Rome
Margaret of Antioch Great Martyr (Marina)
Marina of Antioch Great Martyr (Margaret)
Mark the Evangelist
Martha of Bethany
Mary of Bethany
Mary of Egypt
Mary Magdalene
Matthew the Evangelist and Apostle
Maximus the Confessor
Melchior the Magi


Nicholas of Myra
Nicandre of Egypt, Martyr


Patrick, Enlightener of Ireland (two ex ossibus relics)
Polycarp of Smyrna, Doctor of the Church
Pontian, Pope of Rome


Seraphim of Sarov, Wonderworker
Simon, the Apostle, Kinsman (‘brother’) of the Lord
Sophia of Rome (mother of Faith, Hope and Love)
Stephen the Protomartyr


Terence of Carthage
THE ALL HOLY THEOTOKOS, a lock of Her hair
THE ALL HOLY THEOTOKOS, a piece of the Protecting Veil
Thomas the Apostle


Ursula, Virgin Martyr


Xenia of Rome, Virgin Martyr


Zachariah, High Priest and Father of St John the Forerunner and Baptist