St John

You and your friends and family are warmly invited to all our (mainly) English-language Divine Liturgy and other services. We are a small group of faithful and new faces are always very welcome. A priest – since January 2022 our parish priest Fr Spyridon Bailey – visits usually once a month (scroll down for upcoming dates) and celebrates the Divine Liturgy as well as hearing confessions and carrying out other priestly duties as and when required such as baptisms, house blessings and visiting the sick.   Unless otherwise stated, all our services are in English. There may very occasionally be Slavonic, Greek, Romanian, Irish, Latin, German, Arabic, Spanish or other languages used – for example for the “Lord have Mercy” prayer, but it is only a small token and nothing to be worried about. It will not interfere with the understanding of the prayers for English speakers but may help people of those language backgrounds to feel more at home.



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Fr Spyridon

We are looking forward to having our dear Fr Spyridon back with us in December, at his usual second weekend of Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December.

***This will be the final weekend of services to be held at our current premises. We are currently searching for new premises and will update here and on Facebook as soon as we can.***

Saturday 10th December:

18:00 Confession

We will have no Vespers Service, instead having longer time for confession on Saturday evening.

Sunday 11th December:

Confession from 8:30

Divine Liturgy from 10:30

All are welcome to the services and to join us for some food after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday.  


Lay-led Services – SUNDAY

Sunday morning Readers’ Services on Sundays at 10:30 am. All welcome. This is our main service of the week when we do not have a priest, usually sung by our little choir and usually followed by teas and coffees and a little parish get-together.  ***Sunday 4th December will be the final Reader’s Service to be held at our current premises. We are currently searching for new premises and will update here and on Facebook as soon as we can.***


LAY-LED SERVICES – Weekday Akathists

*** NB – Important: Please check this website prior to setting off, if we have had to cancel at short notice. This can happen very occasionally due to fluctuating health. ***
***Following the Divine Liturgy on Sunday 11th December, there will be no further Akathists at our current premises. We are currently searching for new premises and will update here and on Facebook as soon as we can.***
Tuesdays: 6:30 pm: Akathist to St John the Forerunner and Baptist 
Fridays: 6:30 pm: Akathist to the Theotokos
Saturdays: 9:30am: Akathist to St John of Shanghai
Saturdays: 6:30 pm: Akathist for the Departed (This Akathist is not served when we have a priest on Saturday evening.)
TUESDAYS: 18:30 hrs: Akathist to St John the Forerunner and Baptist.
You can find the text here: Akathist to Saint John the Baptist    and you can find a live-stream recorded version of it below.
FRIDAYS: 18:30 Akathist in honour of the Theotokos.
Akathist to St John of Shanghai at 9:30 am. The text to the Akathist can be found here: Akathist in Honour of St John of Shanghai

and you can find a live streamed version (starting after a short delay) of it below: 

Akathist for the Departed at 18:30 BST. (…unless we have a priest-led Saturday evening service). You can find the text here:  Akathist for Departed

and you can find a live-streamed version of it here:





All who would partake of Divine Liturgy Communion are reminded to be sure at least


  • to fast from midnight (people requiring medication are allowed to make necessary adjustments to this)
  • to be present from the very beginning of the Liturgy.
  • Confession is recommended as preparation for Communion, but can be done to a different confessor.
  • Pre-Communion prayers privately read in preparation.

Our ROCOR sister parish of Saint John the Wonderworker in British Columbia in Canada has a very readable page on Confession and Communion. You may like to explore the link below:



There is a table with antidoron (the remaining bread from the preparation for the Eucharist, which has been blessed, but not consecrated) and warm wine diluted with water at the back of the church on the left when coming in or outside if the weather is good. Both are for taking immediately after Communion. This is a practice within the Russian Tradition to ensure also that the Eucharist is being swallowed properly and so surely taken into us. Please partake of the wine and antidoron served at this table after partaking of Communion, many thanks. Also, it is good practice to listen attentively to the After Communion Prayers which are chanted in the church at the end of the service. Thank you.


For those of us who are also interested in attending Services in Stradbally, County Laois in the Republic of Ireland, here is a link to the Service page of their website…
We also have another sister parish, The Parish of St Elizabeth the New-Martyr, and it has a wonderful extensive website and also a warm relationship with our parish thanks to Fr Paul Elliott who has been continually supportive of us in many different ways and not lastly by coming over to serve for us.


Additional online resources:

FR PAUL ELLIOTT’S STREAMED SERVICES via his Church’s fb account



For all with a thirst for entering further into the heart of the Orthodox faith and life there is another ROCOR online  resource offering a wealth of in-depth coverage of numerous aspects of this by means of talks which were previously for sale but have recently become free to listen to and are worth dedicating some time to…