Every amount, however small or large, one-off, or repeated – is so very welcome as the parish is entirely dependent on the offerings of the faithful for covering the running costs of the parish including priest’s flights etc. We are also in need of bigger premises and have created a building fund specifically for donations toward new premises…

You can see our need for space in this three minute video:

See also our Topical News for more detail on the subject by clicking HERE


Ways of donating: at present you can donate to us in these three traditional ways:

  • In person at the church: during, before, or after any Service
  • By bank transfer. We have been advised to remove our bank details from the website for safety reasons. Please send a little email to Johanna’s email address: and she will send you the bank details. Many thanks for your understanding!

Many many many thanks!

May God bless you and may St John of Shanghai pray for you.


Donating at no cost to yourself: Presently not available but hopefully restored soon.

If you shop at, you can now opt to let Amazon give 0.5% of your purchase price to The Orthodox Church of St. John of Shanghai at no cost to yourself simply by conducting your purchase through amazonsmile. Once you have chosen The Orthodox Church of St. John of Shanghai as your preferred charity, any future purchases you conduct through amazonsmile will automatically credit us with 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible items.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to facilitate this free way of donating.

N.B.: As we are a charitable organisation which falls under the general umbrella term of “advancement of religion” in the Charity Commission of Northern Ireland, this is quoted on the amazon smile page, even though we are not aiming for a general advancement of religion, but of Orthodoxy instead.

Thank you!!

May God bless you and may St John pray for you!


Presently also not available but hopefully to be restored soon:

You can donate ONLINE – one off or monthly – to our BUILDING FUND by using the Just Giving link by clicking HERE.

Donors will be commemorated in prayer.